A thorough study of marriage and family from a biblical and theological point of view. Success in marriage is considered to be basic to Christian living and to ministry by the Assemblies of God and will be studied from that perspective. This course should not only help the student who is married, but should be helpful to the student contemplating marriage.

If you long for a relationship with God but feel lost when you open the Bible, the course, “How to Study the Bible” is for you. Learn how to effectively study God's Word for more impact, value and significance. Based on the “Inductive Bible Study” method you will discover the tools and skills to help you observe biblical text, dig out its meaning, and then apply it to your life. Inductive Bible study is a valuable tool in understanding and applying the principles of God’s Word.
The course, How to Teach Online is designed to provide a brief introduction to the essential ingredients required to teach a class online as well a introduction to Moodle, V.E.T.I.'s tool of choice for distance learning.

This course is a sample online class.  Click on each link for sample instructions.