A thorough study of marriage and family from a biblical and theological point of view. Success in marriage is considered to be basic to Christian living and to ministry by the Assemblies of God and will be studied from that perspective. This course should not only help the student who is married, but should be helpful to the student contemplating marriage.

This course deals with the requirements, responsibilities and spiritual oversight of the counselor. If you desire to learn how to counsel people biblically and more effectively, this class is for you.  Common counseling issues & challenges will be reviewed as well biblical instruction, essential counseling key points and emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit.

This course is designed to introduce leadership principles that will enhance the spiritual development and formation to a person new to leadership.  Emphasis is placed on the development of servant leadership in the local church.

A study of the biblical and theological foundations of spiritual formation. The course seeks to establish a sound theological framework for a functioning spirituality within the Pentecostal tradition. Such topics as prayer, fasting, study, submission, and other such disciplines are considered.